Current offers at EPM Productions

Creative studio

The EPM Productions studio was founded in 2016 by JDcraft68. This studio focuses on creating media content for EPM Resort. With a peripheral view on the development and its characters, EPM Productions aspires to constant innovation. The services offered focus on media productions for platforms such as YouTube or Twitch, promotional videos (non-commercial use), video clips, attraction-specific content (Making of, trailers, On-Rides & Off-Rides, etc.).
EPM Productions is based on the same values that have driven EPM Resort for the past 8 years, and allow it to surpass itself and evolve constantly.
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Media production

The animations and content of EPM Productions have been viewed over 160,000 times on YouTube. The in-house production team creates high quality videos and content.

Media for attractions

The whole world of digital entertainment: Minecraft, social networking concepts and animations. EPM Productions produces true immersive experiences for all platforms created.

Current offers at EPM Productions

Staff benefits

Our wide range of team member benefits combine passion and fun. All team members can take advantage of a number of benefits, various training courses and special meetings.


The servers own academy offers training and education opportunities along with numerous other specialised training days in various areas.

Staff Events

As our staff, you receive special rates or even VIP entrance to a selected range of our top events. In addition, there is a staff party for the entire staff once a year. Our closing evening is also a valuable opportunity to celebrate a successful season.

Discounts & partner offers

You will benefit from many exclusive conditions with our partners.

Benefits within the Minecraft server

Enjoy many advantages such as fly permission and teleportation within our servers.