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Come and design the Minecraft attractions of tomorrow and be part when pioneering spirit meets expertise

EPMneXT has grown from an internal department at EPM to a European developer and adviser for innovative Minecraft theme park design. The team develops ideas for the attractions of tomorrow: they are particularly proud of the fact that players worldwide experience their creations every day. Creating lasting emotions is at the heart of what we love and do.

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The most creative heads of our Group meet at EPMneXT

EPMneXT - Development and consulting agency for Minecraft servers

EPM Emotioneers

Our inspired and unique modelers in the Emotioneers team design the 3D models for tomorrow’s attractions: first on software, then locally before moving to the server.


The LAB of EPM is working on new plugins and new ways to build future entertainment in Minecraft.

Master Planning

New and innovative attractions, such as the family attraction ‘Pirates in Batavia’ which was re-opened in the Dutch themed area in 2021, are being developed by the talents of the ‘Master Planning’ department at EPMneXT and EPM Solutions. The team was also intensively involved in the development of the twelve themed settings of the water world at EPM and gave Rulantica its distinctive mystical look in Minecraft.

EPM Services

EPM Services is the project management arm of our group. It brings together the best of the best to create an incredibly immersive experience for players. EPM Services shares their know-how in external projects to achieve successful results together.

Current offers at EPMneXT

Staff benefits

Our wide range of team member benefits combine passion and fun. All team members can take advantage of a number of benefits, various training courses and special meetings.


The servers own academy offers training and education opportunities along with numerous other specialised training days in various areas.

Staff Events

As our staff, you receive special rates or even VIP entrance to a selected range of our top events. In addition, there is a staff party for the entire staff once a year. Our closing evening is also a valuable opportunity to celebrate a successful season.

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You will benefit from many exclusive conditions with our partners.

Benefits within the Minecraft server

Enjoy many advantages such as fly permission and teleportation within our servers.

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